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Applied Distribution Resources (ADR) is a highly evolved pallet supplier. We specialize in the revolutionary field of manufacturing polymer products generated by utilizing recyclable thermoplastic materials. We are committed to the ideal of environmental sustainability by implementing clean and practical manufacturing solutions that reduce environmental pollution by incorporating our proprietary tech-fusion concept. The tech-fusion concept consists of using re-engineered recycled post-consumer Nylon carpet reducing solid waste from going to landfills without contributing to global warming.

History & Mission

Applied Distribution Resources (ADR) founded in 1993 who’s focus has continuously been committed to provide one of the most durable, environmentally friendly pallets that exceed current GMA pallet standards and deliver the best value to customers. In ADR’s first few years, its founders David Ankele, Thomas Johnson, PhD (Risk Management), Anthony Evans, PhD (Polymer-Chemistry Science) focused on evaluating the pallet industry, it’s problems and pallet user’s needs both present and future, that helped define our engineered pallet design. ADR continues to strive in delivering a better solution.

With the assistance of companies like Allied-Signal (Honeywell), Owens-Corning, and United Defense, Applied Distribution Resources introduced its first pallet in 1997. Since, ADR has offered a pallet that delivers our high pallet standard and value added.

From our custom engineered Nylon material formulation from recycled post-consumer carpet, to the unique engineered design of our pallets, ADR offers data collecting capabilities using RFID/GPS Hybrid cellular based tags with sensors for temperature, and CO2 for data maximization and other current technologies, to increase our pallet platform and data efficiencies, we are confident in meeting customers' needs.

For longer lasting, eco-friendly pallets, come to ADR. We have the only plastic pallets made from engineered-grade Nylon, guaranteeing superior performance and long life. Combined with our ten-year guarantee, this makes our product the most cost-effective and trouble-free pallet on the market!

RFID/GPS Enabled Pallets

At ADR, we are dedicated to offering environmentally sustainable products. To this end, our Smart Pallets are made from a unique blend of 100% post-consumer carpet and post-industrial nylon waste. With new FDA and EPA regulations coming soon, you'll want to soon make the switch to our non-carcinogenic, fire-retardant free products!

Our Eco-Friendly Process

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About Us

ADR is very enthusiastic about environmental sustainability. To this end, our team—which includes a Rhodes Scholar and an MBA—has created a pallet with a life expectancy more than 10 times greater than that of a hardwood pallet. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we are fully qualified to help you in all your pallet-related needs. Our pricing is top-notch, as is the longevity of our products.

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