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David T. Ankele - Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder

Mr. Ankele is founder of ARC Holdings Consolidated, LTD. The ARC companies include Applied Distribution Resources, (ADR), Reliable Energy Resources, Inc, (RER, and Carpet Recycling Resources, Inc, CRR). These companies are Synergistic to one another. Together they form an Enviro-Tech Fusion concept. ADR is our plastics company that manufactures plastic pallets from CRR’s recycling of carpet. RER doubles as an energy generating company and warehouse for carpet collected by CRR and stored under solar panels to be recycled by CRR.

As President of ADR he was responsible for negotiating synergistic relationships with Honeywell, Owens Corning and other companies to assist ADR in the final development of the ADR pallet. He was also responsible in negotiating contracts with GSA, DOD and DLA in sales of the ADR pallet. These sales are ongoing to date.

David recognized the importance of the RFID/GPS hybrid technology matching a RFID/GPS cellular based hybrid tag technology for ADR to provide the ultimate pallet for blockchain management concepts. His research and identification of the best technologies available to date makes the ADR pallet the best solution for Block Chain Management.

David identified and negotiated the only 5-year leasing program for ADR customers making the ADR pallet the most cost effective globally because he recognized the importance of a long pallet life. He also recognized the importance of providing a material substitution for wood pallets from a complimentary relationship environmentally. His vision was to impact and reduce forest deforestation, reduce solid waste from going to landfill while providing a superior product.

He has identified applications and products from carpet recycling activities for CRR with all carpet to include Nylon 6 Nylon 6,6, Polyester and Polypropylene carpet providing zero waste. David understands the importance of material science in moving forward and what it takes to be successful in recycling carpet.

David was also responsible in founding Reliable Energy Resources. He successfully negotiated to build a 2,000-acre renewable energy farm for both Solar and Wind with NV Energy in Nevada through the permit process. He developed and orchestrated the relationship of RER and CRR to minimize risk and maximize profit potential for RER by constructing the Solar panels such that RER would be able to charge storage fees by provide storage for CRR collected PC carpet providing additional revenues to RER.

David has 20 years of management, marketing, and sales experience in business, manufacturing, and real estate.

David gained valuable experience working in real estate with commercial developers, manufacturing companies, and lending institutions.  For more than sixteen years, David worked in the real estate and insurance industries in Seattle, Washington, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

David studied at the College of San Mateo, San Jose State University, and Oxford University, England.  During the Viet Nam War, he served in the US Army.