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Pallet Leasing B2B

ADR’s Insured B2B Pallet Leasing Pool Program

This is the first 5-year leasing program for the pallet industry. ADR is proud to announce our pallet pool leasing program designed to provide our long life plastic pallets to individual closed loop pallet systems and participating B2B companies. This leasing program is designed to dramatically reduce pallet and related costs by as much as 55%.

This is possible through ADR's long-life pallet. ADR's pallet performance history with organizations using our pallets since 2000 have demonstrated our pallets ability to stand up to the rigorous performance necessary to provide uninterrupted performance no other pallet has been able to deliver. In addition, ADR now provides a 10-year guarantee on our pallets.

Theft Insurance for ADR's pallet leasing program is available. Your current Insurance provider should be able to provide theft insurance at a reasonable cost as a rider to your current insurance or we will recommend a highly reputable international company who has indicated they will provide theft insurance. On a per pallet cost, insurance will reduce pallet theft costs of ADR's pallets dramatically along with security protection arranged by ADR where necessary. Companies experiencing high percentages of theft for plastic pallets and plastic material handling equipment can reduce loss costs with theft insurance compared to theft loss costs. Our lease financing is provided by one of the leading finance syndication firms, Fairfield Capital, LLC, in the US and abroad.

The total pallet leasing cost is based on volumes. The higher the volume, the lower the cost. Leasing rates are quoted on a 90-day basis and the financial strength of the lessee. The financial requirement of the lease is based on a BBB rating or better.

Here Is How It Works: 

For individual companies with closed loop systems they would simply be billed on a monthly basis. For B2B companies the monthly leasing and insurance cost would be divided by 30.5 days then multiplied by the number of days that company had possession of the pallet. The time would start from the day a company receives our pallets to the day it's customer receives the pallets. This would be tracked by either barcodes and or RFID tags. The receiving company would then be responsible for the pallet costs until the pallets are returned to the supplying company. In cases where there are multiple companies B2B2B participating in our pallet leasing pool the same principle would apply.

The Equipment Leasing Group and Insurance companies may require conducting a risk evaluation of the facilities to determine the risk, past pallet loss information to determine the premium quotes. ADR has engaged the largest Security Agency in the US to participate where and when needed. This would also reduce premiums for high risk locations.

Our Pallets

Pallet with Casters


ADR's pallet leasing pool program with all of the additional services will reduce pallet costs from 40% up to 55% of what companies are currently spending for pallet rental programs and even more for those companies who simply purchase pallets. Contact ADR for more details and let's get started.

ADR also has introduced custom casters for those companies whose pallet jack and/or forklift equipment is maximized for usage. Forklift drivers fulfilling orders drive from load to load until they complete fulfilling orders. By daisy-chaining our pallets with removable casters can pick up multiple loads in one run reducing labor, time and necessary equipment for the same order. This is an additional cost item.