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Applied Distribution Resources (ADR) is proud to offer environmentally friendly pallets, made from 100% recycled material. Through ADR's Smart Pallet Service, you can lease the highest-quality pallets on the market today. We have the only five-year lease program available, and we offer our recycled pallets worldwide.

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ADR’s pallet and material is unique in the pallet industry. These pallets are the only pallets made from Post-consumer recycled Nylon carpet and re-engineered to deliver high performance and impact. This pallet is not a typical block style or stringer style design. It’s column structural design makes ADR’s pallets the most durable pallets on the market. They have been market tested by one of the largest pallet users in the U.S over the past 17+ years. Out of the thousands of pallets sold and used in this timeframe there has been only one broken pallet. It’s 48” x 40” x 4 3/4”, 4-way entry, low profile, high weight capacity and durability, allows the customer to ship more product with fewer pallet inventories required. This pallet has standard pallet jack, forklift and PE equipment openings so it can be used with most material handling equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, PE’s and palletizes as well as other standard material handling equipment.. It’s Nylon material is rated to have no flashpoint by both UL and Nylon manufacturers making it a natural fire-resistant material eliminating the need for fire retardants. EPA’s constant re-evaluation of carcinogens in fire retardants ADR’s pallets are safe from recalls for use. This also makes our pallets especially suited for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

ADR’s custom designed removable locking casters is an option item providing more flexibility for the pallet users where forklifts or pallet jacks can’t provide moving pallets in tight spaces. This option can also maximize forklift performance by interlinking pallets pulling multiple loads at a time saving forklift trips. These are also excellent for shop floors where heavy parts can be easily be moved from one end to the other without the need of forklifts or pallet jacks.


Replace your old hardwood or steel pallets with ADR's Smart Pallets! We offer the only true four-way entry, 48" by 40" by 4 3/4" pallet with a 6,000 pound rackable load (for ASTM safety standards, we recommend 3,000 pounds as the maximum rackable load). Our Smart Pallets are guaranteed to last for at least seven years, so you don't need to replace them near as often as the standard pallet! Compare our product's technical data, and find out why the Smart Pallet is the right choice for you and your business.

ADR Pallets on a Forklift