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Value Added

Applied Distribution Resources, (ADR), has been and continues to be an advocate of RFID pallet tracking and data collection since 2002. We participated in and assisted Alien Technology, a leader in RFID chip and application development for pallet applications. Alien supplies RFID chips to over 80 RFID tag providers. We understand the importance of RFID technology data collection capabilities in improving supply chain demand and management as well as product safety in the agricultural, grocery and pharmaceutical industries minimizing cross-contamination. With data collection programs continuously improving ADR can provide the proper RFID tags to match our customer’s needs and provide the most value.

ADR has also recognized that RFID technology is not the only answer with industries moving towards Block Chain systems. This is where the RFID/GPS Cellular based read/writable tags with sensors can provide immediate vital information to suppliers and all supply chain participants with data to better manage supply chains and reduce and detect food contamination before it reaches store shelves.

We have been a pioneer in managing pallets as assets as opposed to just simply a cost item since 2003. With our 10-year guarantee and 5-year pallet capital leasing program, ADR offers what we believe to be the best value to ADR pallet customers in the pallet industry. Expensing leasing costs for the first 5 years followed by taking advantage of tax depreciation over the next 5 years makes our per pallet trip the greatest value in the industry. The leasing program is offered through one of the leading equipment leasing syndication groups in the U.S. On a per pallet trip cost there is no program that can match our program. We have teamed up with Security Agencies to reduce loss from theft at locations where necessary. Total aggregated costs including Insurance theft and reverse logistics costs is the lowest in the industry.

ADR’s pallet design top deck stiffness and durability allows companies to save on re-engineering packaging costs for compression stress and interface. It’s top deck design allows for circulation of air important to the agricultural industry and cold storage. Nylon provides a nonslip surface under any conditions. It is ideal for any temperature. Nylon has the widest temperature range for performance of most if not all pallets available. This pallet’s deflection from compression has never exceeded ¼”.

Customers can take advantage of our full bundle of services listed or can tailor it to meet your needs. There is no better value in the industry.

List of Deliverable Values

  1. Best in Price/ based on 5-year lease-per pallet trip
  2. Highest in performance
  3. Best in Durability
  4. Best in Reusability
  5. Meets all customer requirements – Cold Storage – Dry Storage – GMA, FMA, Pharmaceutical
  6. Best in Cost per Pallet Trip
  7. Best in Recyclability and Made from FDA Approved Post-Consumer Recycled Material
  8. Weighs only 55 lbs.
  9. Best and Easiest in Sanitization
  10. No Repair costs
  11. Design Versatility – No product slippage in cold storage – option with Removable locking Casters
  12. No Disposal Costs
  13. No Flammability – Has No Flash Point